Week of January 18th


Week of January 18th 2016

This week our team is focused on completing assignments for our clients. We have had continued contact with Brian Bowens to get access into the Botach buildings. Brian Bowens has continued to be our point of contact with Botach in order to gain access into these buildings. We had meet with Brian in late December to take measurements of the Old White Bank Building and the Botach building. We meet again on Tuesday January 19th to get the measurements for the larger building which Eso Won bookstore and We Can Foundation are a part of. The building itself is a large space, but has been divided into smaller units, more ready for multiple uses. Now that our measurements have be taken, our team is compiling a file with the requested As-Built’s so we can fulfill our commitment to the 20/20 Vision Plan.

In the coming week we will be finalizing our As-Built’s and posting them to continue informing our progress.

We have also posted our Expanded Stakeholder Analysis which will explain more of who and how stakeholders and funding are identified in our Adaptive Reuse Project.


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