Botach Asbuilts

Our main focus for this project were asbuilts for the three buildings currently owned by Botach. These building are very hard to gain access due to the business that is occupying the spaces. The spaces are occupied by Botach which supplies weaponry to law enforcement. From the outside it does not look very aesthetically pleasing, but once you step into the building it’s night and day in terms of difference. The inside of the buildings are very well maintained. Most of the building have two stories, although they do not cover the whole buildings, it is basically one-third the size of the building, perfect for storage or office space. The buildings are relatively large and have so much potential for adaptive reuse. Overall, there are six units in total. The one building, which has six subdivided units are all interconnected making easy access to each building. Provided are asbuilts of the three buildings, one building is subdivided into six units. The spaces are numbered 1-8 and correspond with the asbuilts.

AsBuilt Booklet


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