Vision Statement

Vision Statement


The Leimert Park Village Adaptive Reuse Plan will guide the progressive development of the commercial center in LPV over the course of the next oncoming decades.  

In 2040…

Leimert Park Village is a sustainable central community for African Arts and Culture.  New and vibrant energy has come to fill old historic spaces by utilizing Leimert Park Village’s physical structures to their fullest potential.  Through collaborative efforts between stakeholders and planners, the vacant and underutilized spaces are activated with uses and businesses that not only serve the community, but strengthen the community.  Tenants, property owners, and patrons take collective pride in the physical integrity of their own unique spaces, ensuring a sustainable and livable community for decades to come.  The adaptive reuse process has not only enriched community interaction but has fostered economic development for the neighborhood of Leimert Park as well as the City of Los Angeles.

LPV is taking the underutilized spaces and vacancies and is collaborating with business owners, patrons and stakeholders, fostering strong thriving businesses and incubator project spaces. The community and residents desire healthy and sustainable food options to enrich and promote a healthy lifestyle, which has grown stronger here in LPV. Spaces are used for expanding and improving the business economy, as well as being applied to improve where people live and work. Livable spaces are being integrated into the commercial spaces for those who want to live closer to where they work, shop and interact.   As the community grows so does civic pride, and the historic structures that have housed many different uses over the years are continuously maintained to ensure the longevity of the neighborhood.



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