Presentation Day

On February 8th the Adaptive Reuse team, as well as other LPV teams, gave our project presentation to the community development group at the Historic Vision Theater. Teams stress levels were high as many of us have never given this type of presentation of our work outside of the studio classroom. The stakeholders and community members were eager to hear from each group.  We have been working with, communicating with and listened to everyone’s input to build what we have done in our specific project up to this point. It was immediately clear the attendees were knowledgeable of what is wanted for their community and how are we specifically going to answer those questions. We, the Adaptive Reuse team presented the Asbuilts of the existing Botach buildings on Degnan Blvd. and West 43rd Place. We also introduced Adaptive Reuse models which other cities have implemented as well as Accelerator Hubs, which have been identified as the types of uses the community have envisioned for the future. In addition to the presentation, an interactive workshop was prepared to give visual representation of the existing Botach building dimensions, cardboard cutouts of general business square footage and coloring tools to aid to the interactive experience. The workshop participants were able to use the cutouts in different arrangements within the buildings footprints and explore possible scenarios.

The presentations were very well accepted and appreciated by those who attended the meeting. There were many questions and responses from the attendees, and all of them gave our team such an informative educational experience. This was a wonderful and positive experience we were proud to have been a part of.

Our Adaptive Reuse team has been collaborating with Brian Bowens to gain access into the Botach buildings, to which we may have not been able to do if not for his efforts. Thank you Brian.


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