Guest Speaker Robert Garcia

On 3/1/16 we were excited to welcome Mr. Garcia who is one of the most respected Hispanic influences in the country. He talked about Social Justice and and the relationship it has with Urban and Regional Planning. Mr. Garcia is part of “The City Project” and is the Founding Director and Counsel Member. It was interesting to hear about how to link parks for easy access for youth with no discrimination within those parks. Mr. Garcia is an attorney and discussed how law and planning mix with one another. Aaron and I got the opportunity to have a discussion about the nature of Los Angeles and its influences from the mid 1900’s till now.  Also, looking at the displacement of Hispanic people from their homes especially when Dodgers Stadium was being built, those living in the Chavez Ravine were primary displaced. Aaron mentioned that when his grandmother moved, she literally took her house and her belongings with her. Aaron and I also discussed the inequality of transportation from the 1940’s till present time. It was a privilege to meet and have a discussion with Mr. Garcia with hopefully more to come.



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