Final Thoughts/Conclusion

With the project coming to an end, this has been a great experience dealing with community members as well as stakeholders. It has taught us what vocabulary terms to use and what is appropriate. While presenting to Leimert Park community, there was a lady who had much to say and it was a great experience because that’s what we are going to be faced with in planning. People think of planners as taking away their build environment and are doing more harm than good.

Before coming into this project, I had no idea Leimert Park Village even existed, but throughout this project it has made me realize how much opportunity this community has to offer. I believe that the community can be a high destination location for tourists because it has so much African American culture within the village and with this 20|20 vision, will have a lot to offer.

At first going into this project, I believe all of the students were overwhelmed with what they were asking from us. Mentioning how they would like us to design their buildings, creating a more sustainable community for them. But overall this project has been a great experience for all of us and cannot wait for the journey ahead of us and going into the profession.

Thank you Courtney Knapp for all of the amazing help you have provided us throughout this project.


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