Prepare for Presentation

On Tuesday 3/8/16 the Adaptive Reuse team has been preparing for our final presentation which will be held on Thursday 3/10/16 at Cal Poly Pomona from 10:00am to 12:00pm in building 7. We have emailed some of the Leimert Park Village stakeholders who have been helping us throughout this journey of Leimert Park Village 20|20 vision.

Out team has been designing the final poster for Leimert Park Village as well as preparing for a power point presentation and was open to the public for anyone to come and watch. All four teams would all agree that the Leimert Park Village stakeholders have been a tremendous help in achieving what needed to be done throughout these past seven months. Brian Bowens has helped the Adaptive Reuse team with the asbuilts and setting up times to go into the Botach buildings to get measurement. The measurements have been a high priority throughout these two quarters and throughout all of the setbacks we have had, we finally got asbuilts for three buildings. We would like to thank Brian Bowens for all your tremendous help as well as other stakeholders. We would also like to thank Botach, BK and all of the 30+ workers for letting us in the buildings to take measurements.

Presentation Location.jpg


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