Presentation Day

Our final presentation has come faster than we have expected. Our final presentation was on Thursday March 10, 2016 from 10:00am to 12:00pm.

Overall, the turnout of the audience was a great success. Although we did not have stakeholder come who are from Leimert Park, we did have an audience from another team, the Montebello group. They were extremely grateful for what the Montebello team has helped them, and were also grateful for our help with Leimert Park. Our presentations went over for about an hour, but the six teams had much to say about what we have accomplished throughout this quarter as well as the past quarter. The Montebello audience was very informative on what we could have done if we were to continue this project in the future, by looking surveying the businesses if they would like to see more live work units, which was our main focus this quarter. It will help business owners engage with the build environment, provide more sustainable options for business owners with a less commute. One great example of a live/work unit that a business owner in Leimert Park would like to implement is Sika, who would love to live on the second story of his business, while on the first floor have a sandwich shop and a retail shop under the same roof. It would be maximizing the space to its fullest potential. By creating live/work units, it will encourage food options, cultural retail and assist in community needs and will encourage locally owned business owners.

Other opportunities Leimert Park can implement is a food hall or incubator hub where the community can share a commercial kitchen by renting it out, cooking food and selling it.


In the picture we have the Housing Development group presenting to the audience.



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