As we thought about the timeline of our Adaptive Reuse Plan, I initially found it difficult to understand the scope  of the timeline.  Was the process supposed span until 2040?  What if certain steps are iterative?  The only experience our group had with Gantt charts was through use in transit planning projects.  The experiences could not be more disparate.  In transit planning, the timeline was very short (3 months).  The Gantt chart was broken up by accountability – which department was responsible for what.  With the transit project, there was already a clear accountable agency, a clear goal, and quantifiable measures of success (ridership rates, service speed, cost).  However, our group found it difficult to translate these principles to a community development project, much less an adaptive reuse project, which is so architecturally based.  How can one measure community feeling? We also found it difficult to assign responsibility by actor. In the end, we were able to create a timeline that captured what we envision the planning process to be, and how to account for its success.  This timeline can be seen in the following attachment. REPORT_GANTT


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